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Long Ears and Alpacas
This is Clementine. She is a darling 2014 hinny--the product of Jenna, our former donkey (who has moved on to a driving career)  and the half Shetland, Little Kings Exclusively Elijah. She takes after Elijah with her very skinny legs and pretty, dishy head. She has Jenna's sense of fun! She loves playing with babies, and is now owned by the Lyle Rankin Family, along with Shandy and Peter, our two 2015 colts!

Hippie and Georgia

When we purchased King and Angel, in the fall of 2014, this two silly girls came along too. We have never had Alpacas before, and they are a lot of fun! We enjoy their soft, humming noise that they make when they are happy. And their evening battle over the feed bowl, (even though there are two bowls), in which they entwine their necks and spit directly into each others' face! They are expecting babies in Summer of 2015! In early June. Georgia had a darling, black baby boy that we named Caesar. He was premature and we lost this little angel at two days old. In mid-June, Hippie produced a reddish brown female cria, that we have named Lovey. She has been healthy and strong from the start! She is growing like a weed, and has nearly doubled her size in 10 days!